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Broadband Properties December 2004 Issue

Providers Perspective:
All of Us are in "People" Businesses
By Bryan Rader, Media Works
To keep lower-level staff members, pay more attention to the quality of their supervisors and provide good opportunities for promotion and job growth. Your customers and your accountant will notice the improvements.

Open Access:
xoIP: The Emergence of "Anything Over Internet Protocol"
By Bruce Bahlmann, Birdseys.Net
Economics and technology intertwine to make open-access broadband more and more viable. Smaller programming suppliers can use existing technical tools to cut their startup costs.


Telecommunication Infrastructure and Economic Development
By Doris Kelly, Black & Veatch
A decade of experience with municipal broadband in Cedar Falls Iowa makes the case: Broadband, like other infrastructure, makes communities more competitive in attracting new business and population.

2005 Programming Guide
Private cable operators should be able to find programming for almost every taste here - it's not all movies, teen music and sitcoms any more! The growth of music, non-fiction and Hispanic programming is evident in this year's guide to providers of programming - our 21st annual edition. On the music side, programmers have discovered in the past few years that interest extends beyond teenagers. Non-fiction has expanded as well, in this compilation by Irene Gonzales.

Nimble Entrepreneurs Celebrate Spectacular Fiber Growth
By Lawrence Kingsley, Founder, Telepublishing Report
Small companies dominated the vastly expanded FTTH Council show in Florida this October. Their entrepreneurial energy is driving the business, Kingsley says. The council is already planning more exhibit space and a longer program for next year's meeting in Las Vegas.

The Law:
A Legal Perspective on FCC Boosting Broadband
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Former FCC attorney Kandutsch looks (in a way that non-lawyers can understand) at the legal issues that tie together three big FCC broadband decisions. Each seem quite logical but the combination is not, setting the stage for next year's Supreme Court decision on cable bundling and an attempt in Congress to amend the 1996 Telecommunications Act.

Cover Story:
Where the Broadband Systems Are
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
The Midwest leads the nation in FTTH communities. Installations in greenfield developments rival municipality-wide and country-wide systems in deployments.

Feature Article:
If You Build It, Will They Come?
By Jerry Budge, BDR Broadband Properties
Here's the third installment in our series detailing cable upgrades by BDR. This one has not been immediately successful, thanks to customers who have been burned too often. Will better marketing succeed?

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