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Broadband Properties November 2004 Issue

Providers Perspective:
Do You Offer Ritzy Service?
By Bryan Rader, Media Works
The luxury hotel business is a lot like cable, except that cable customers, in a given year, pay more for their service and get a lot less care. Bryan Rader sat in on a training session for Ritz-Carlton employees. Here's what he found out.


Open Access:
Utah's Experiment With Utopia
By Lawrence Kingsley, President, Telepublishing Reports
The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency is the largest fiber optic deployment in the U.S. It's a consortium of 14 Utah cities whose fiber optic network will pass every home and business within their borders. Who can use it to distribute content and provide services? Everybody.

Open Access:
The Open Access Model: Best for Consumers
By Bill Zakowski
The open access model, whereby the broadband system is open to all comers who can pay, even competing content and service providers, will ultimately win out over bundled services, our writer says. Here's why.

2005 Buyers Guide
By Irene Gonzales, BBP Magazine
Our biggest buyers' guide ever - up 50% over last year. You'll find everything from construction and testing services to custom design and electronics. There are telecommunications giants, along with local and regional companies that may soon be giants themselves. This year's directory is so big, we added finding aids. You can search our new index by product and by sector served, be it a municipal broadband system, an MDU, or a PCO.

Owners and Operators:
In-Building Wireless Growth Is Due
By Jason Marcheck, Current Analysis
If building owners insist on looking only at their ledgers, it is touch to make a case for wireless. Wireless services are so cheap that fees to owners must be minuscule. But tenants expect wireless access … and they may move to get it. An in-depth look at the other side of the ledger.

Case Study:
Upgrading an Existing System from MATV to SMATV
By Jerry Budge, BDR Broadband
Here's the second installment of our dollars-and-sense series on upgrading old MDU cable systems. Compare your numbers and your programming lineup to those of Jerry Budge.


Washington Notebook:
Tech Policy in the Second Bush Administration
By David P McClure, US Internet Industry Association
The morning after Election Day, David McClure took a good look at likely changes at the White House, and at who would be heading the committee and setting the policies when the new Congress is seated in January. Here's what he thinks will happen.

VoIP Regulation:
Heading For Federal Pre-Emption
By Steven S. Ross
Your editor went to VON 2004 in Boston. He listened to the headliners, like Senator John Sununu and FCC Commissioner Michael Powell. But he spent even more time with state regulators. He's convinced they all want the same thing. Federal pre-emption of VoIP is nearly impossible to stop. That's terrific. And that's a miracle.

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