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Broadband Properties October 2004 Issue

Provider Perspective:
Property Owners Are From Mars
By Bryan Rader, MediaWorks
What do property owners want? If you are a private cable operator looking to provide them with your services, start with the fact they believe that they deserve to be treated as if they are special. For further insights consult this astute column, a brilliantly penned "Guide To Understanding The Other Side."


The FTTH Platform:
High-Bandwidth To Greenfields
By Carl Fergusson, Tandberg Television
Fiber-to-the-Home is generating interest among non-traditional broadcasters like real estate developers, municipalities, and power utility companies as a way of delivering triple-play services. For advanced services like HDTV, the benefits of FTTH are substantial, long lasting, and can add exceptional value.

BPL: A Progress Report
Broadband Over Powerlines
By Bruce Bahlmann, Birds-Eye Network Services
A variety of factors are driving the stepped-up rollout of Broadband Over Powerlines. Among the reasons BPL is getting a surge in growth are the repercussions of a Federal Communications Commission ruling that leaves Internet Service Providers with no other alternative for delivering services.

Special MDU Section

Resident Profile:
Addressing A Unique Breed
By Amy Cravens, In-Stat/MDR
With a current size of more than 20 million households, the MDU sector is growing faster than typical households and represents a striking opportunity for communications service providers. Happily, most of the residents of this group live in buildings or communities that would be lucrative to provision.

Legal Strategies:
The War Over Infrastructure Wiring
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
When is the existing wiring in an MDU that was installed by franchise cable operator in fact owned by the property owner and available for use by a private cable operator? This lawyer points out three potential strategies that can be used by an owner against an MSO in order to introduce competition.

Pros and Cons
Should It Be POTS Or VoIP?
By Arash Bahri, Blonder Tongue Telephone
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the two prevalent services being offered today? What will be the dominant technology of the future? What is the difference between VoIP and IP Telephony? What are the features of each technology and how can users overcome the shortfalls of either one?

Q3 2004 Report:
Direct Broadcast Satellite Today
By Jimmy Schaeffler, The Carmel Group
It is a phenomenal story: Direct Broadcast Satellite subscribers in the U.S. today are approaching the 25 million mark. Ten years ago when the first high-powered DBS system was launched, forecasting such growth would have challenged credulity. But events of the past year may best foretell the future.

Fiber-To-The-Home Spotlight:
The Community Fiber Consortium
The new CFC may increase the number of FTTH deployments by allowing developments and municipalities to execute staged rollouts from an FTTH platform using only those services they need.

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