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Broadband Properties September 2004 Issue

Special Issue:
Analyst's Corner:
The Vision Grows
By Michael Render, Render, Vanderslice & Associates
The number of believers in fiber-to-the home has grown considerably as a result of greater public awareness and policy changes. The next three years will be full of FTTH experiments, big and small. Now is the time for visionaries to take the lead. Here's why.

Building the Fiber Future:
Lessons Learned Around the Globe
By Bob Whitman, Corning, Inc.
Unlimited bandwidth and lower cost make fiber the Broadband choice of the future. Different regions and nations of the world have implemented the technology in varying ways. Their examples yield valuable lessons - both good and bad - for fiber pioneers.

Playing In the Big Leagues:
Small Town Networks
By Guy Swindell, AFL Telecommunications
Despite its size, limited resources and modest goals, a small community in North Carolina built an innovative fiber-to-the-premise network that shows a fundamentally new way to deploy FTTP. Plus, Pangaea Internet in Polk County lights a path to riches.

Cooperating for Profits:
The Open Infrastructure Model
By Vladimir Prodanovic, Fiber To The
Fiber-to-the-home offers the most bandwidth for the least cost, but profits will follow only if all interested parties prevail - including property managers, network owners, municipalities and consumers. Cooperation is crucial, even as independence reigns.

Town Hall:
Municipal Trends
By Sharon E. Gillett, MIT
Deployments by municipalities now serve one-third of US homes passed by fiber, and further expansion is coming. An analysis of available data reveals the most likely players in the "municipal fiber-to-the-home" market, and the challenges they will face.

What's On Next:
The End Of TV As We Know It
By Thomas Neel and Michael E. Serrano, Alloptic Inc.
IP video threatens today's television industry, spurred on by newly sophisticated consumers who have a seemingly endless appetite for a digital lifestyle. With its near limitless bandwidth, fiber optics is the best technology for enabling this transformation.

Real Benefits:
Seeding Greenfields
By Greg Albrecht, Zoomy Communications, Inc.
A variety of business models permit developers to earn revenue, offer services and build asset values - as well as avoid taking on unwanted responsibilities. Fiber sells homes and future-proofs real estate. Eagle Ranch provides a model to follow.

Best Practices:
Focus On Profitability: Here Is The Know-How Needed For Success
By Brian Blais, New England Broadband
To succeed, the owner of an FTTH community must have up-to-date skills, from technical mastery to a capacity for management and marketing, plus plain common sense.

Setting The Pace:
One Million Japanese Customers Now Have Fiber-To-The-Home
By Scott T. Wilkinson, Ph.D., Hitachi Telecom (USA)
Driven by demand rather than by network providers, the FTTH market is adding up to 90,000 subscribers per month - with speeds 100 times faster than in the US.

Sales And Marketing:
Making Your Message On Fiber Hit Home
By Hilde Verhaegen, Alcatel
Whether you are using a fiber ambassador, a door-to-door sales team, or some other method, here's how to use basic marketing principles to sell the benefits of fiber connectivity to homeowners.

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