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Broadband Properties April 2005 Issue
In This Issue:

President's Letter:
Our 2005 Summit: One Hot Program
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
September 12 - 14, you will meet the leaders from such landmark Fiber-to-the-Home developments at our Broadband Properties Summit in Dallas, Texas.

Editor's Note:
How More Bandwidth Can Liberate the News
By Steve Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Everyone of my age remembers the nightly news from Vietnam. But what few remember is how the video got to us. During such time, bandwidth did not exist to transmit, much less from combat zones.

Provider's Perspective:
Good Lessons from Coaching Kids' Basketball
By Bryan Rader, Media Works
A good coach gets the whole gang to listen, and to play together as a team. Kids and employees want to have fun. But business, like basketball, is a team sport.

Fiber Communities:
Verizon Builds in the Green Fields
By Jill Kasle, Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy, The George Washington University
Virginia's Brambleton project highlights Verizon's push to cooperate with developers. Here's the deal, other developers working with Verizon, and what they are telling homebuyers.

What's Your Greenfield Marketing Strategy?
By Amy Cravens, Senior Analyst, In-Stat
Fiber is becoming the greenfield norm, but the messages developers and system operators send to consumers about infrastructure, access and content have lagged.

The Law:
The Regulatory Environment for Broadband Properties
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Limiting municipal broadband restricts competition. But it also hurts incumbent carriers as well. Here's why.


Judging TV Content: Cume Counts More Than Ratings
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Ratings tell advertisers how many people are watching at a given moment. But a better measure of customer satisfaction is the cumulative number of people who actually watch during the day. The number is secret, but not for long. Bonus: A decade ago, your editor predicted how technology would change the news by 2005. Time's Up. Here's the prediction and a discussion.

FTTP Examined

The Vision
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Do we really need FTTH, or will FTTC do for the moment. And which will be more cost-effective? It depends on your vision of how fast customers will need the bandwidth. Two authors look at the problem and vote for FTTC to start.

Laying the Fiber: A Detailed Cost Analysis
By Mark Labbé, CTO, Critical Telecom
Plan to reuse enclosures and other infrastructure as you push fiber deeper into the network. Here's a model, with detailed cost analysis of how it should be done. Active Ethernet is cheaper than PON!

Fiber to the Premises or Fiber to the Curb?
By James R. George, Consultant
In most cases, FTTC will perform the same as FTTP, at third the price, George says. Here's why, and here's some special advice for moving video on fiber.