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Broadband Properties February 2005 Issue
In This Issue:

Editor's Note:
The Highway Doesn't Stop at the Front Door
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
And you thought the "last mile" was the last problem? This year's Consumer Electronics Show highlighted the need for developers and broadband service providers to think about families' need to move bandwidth around the home. Think of it as the "last foot" problem.

Provider's Perspective:
What is Your Company's IQ?
By Bryan Rader, Media Works
It's smart to pay close attention to your competition's likely marketing moves. Scan the competition's ads and flyers. But also be aware of technical trends that make new competition likely.

A Boost for Ethernet to the Home
By Carole Hackenberg, Transition Networks
A new IEEE standard, 802.3ah, makes it easier for providers and system operators to manage Ethernet networks, and to improve quality of service. Here, we explain how it works, what is at stake, and what you should look for in your next Ethernet buy.

A Synergy of Transportation and Communications
By Steve Kuni, Consultant
Kuni, a rail buff who consults on both communications and transportation issues, argues that existing fiber laid along rail rights of way is being ignored by broadband advocates.

The Law:
Supreme Court Takes on Broadband Regulation: Part 2
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
In FCC vs. Brand X Internet Services, the United States Supreme Court stands ready to change the way broadband is regulated, no matter how it rules. In Part 2 of this two-part series, former FCC attorney Kandutsch details the legal issues. Last month, he looked at the circumstances leading up to the case.

Feature Articles

What Makes a Good Town?
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
We talked at length with architect and planner Andres Duany, one of the foremost "New Urbanists," to get his take on what communities of the future should look like and what role broadband will play in making those communities a success. It turns out that New Urbanist developments may look traditional, but they demand the latest in technology.

Consumer Electronics Trends and Broadband Demand
By A BBP Staff Reporter
Do you really think cable modems and today's DSL will be "good enough" to attract tenants and buyers a few years from now? This year's Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas confirmed our belief that consumer demand will far outstrip current and even planned bandwidth supply.

Verizon's Take on Fiber
By Robert E. Calem
Wonder what Verizon is up to? Technology writer Calem sat down with Verizon Senior VP Marilyn O'Connell to discuss what is by far the nation's largest rollout of fiber direct to the home. No reader can ignore what she had to say.