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Broadband Properties January 2005 Issue

Editor's Note:
Provider's Perspective:
Tally Your "Same-Store" Results
By Bryan Rader, Media Works
How did you do in 2004? It is not enough to simply look at revenue and profit growth. You should also do what the retailers do - look at "same store" sales and profits. For PCOs, that means looking at each system to detect strengths and weaknesses in your service and your lineup.

The Law:
Supreme Court Takes on Broadband Regulations: Part 1
By Carl Kandutsch, Esq.
Your future hands in the balance. In FCC v. Brand X Internet Services, the United States Supreme Court agreed in December to consider whether cable companies must open their high-speed lines to rival Internet providers. This year should see a decision, and modification of the 1996 Telecommunications Act to affirm or overturn what the justices decide.

Offering Everything to Everyone
By Jerry Budge, BDR Broadband
Our author takes you through the good, the bad, and the ugly to describe the costs and benefits of upgrading an MDU cable system to full SMATV, broadband data and interdiction. Fourth detailed article in our series.

Blowing Away the MDU Competition
By Richard Holtz, President, InfiniSys
Roseland Property Co. prepares for the future and attracts today's bandwidth-hungry upscale tenants with blown fiber … and more. Here's how they do it, and how they make it pay.

Feature Articles

Manassas: Lessons from the First Large BPL System
By Guy Swindell, AFL Telecommunications, and Paul Hood, Electronic Systems Supervisor, City of Manassas
Fiber is vital in Manassas, which is pioneering HFBPL-Hybrid Fiber Broadband Powerline. The last mile in this system is over the local electricity grid, perhaps the largest BPL system in the world. It's combined with fiber, which brings the data to the Internet.

Provo Utah: Novel Uses, Novel Financing
By Lawrence Kingsley, Editor, Telepublishing Report
Five years in the making, iProvo started service last fall. Financing and technical choices were key. Those choices led to a new state law that guarantees open access to the network; anyone can buy a slice of bandwidth. We take you through he decision-making process step-by-step.