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Broadband Properties October 2005 Issue


President’s Letter:
Why The First Mile Is A 'Big Broadband' Idea
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Getting excited about a mere phrase – in this case the phrase is “the first mile” – may seem odd. But when that phrase summons up a constellation of fresh perspectives, then our enthusiasm may be justified.

Editor’s Note:
It’s the First Mile After All
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Major telecommunications companies and the IEEE have been out-of-phase for years over a concept rather basic to our industry. The telcos have always called the gap between their high-speed trunks and consumers the “last mile.”

Private Cable Operators
It's Time for Private Cable to Grow
By Bryan Rader, MediaWorks
Property owners complain that local private cable operators are scarce in much of the country. Rader suggests that successful PCOs consider franchising their brands and back offices to operators elsewhere.

Programming Update
Great Programming, Great Technology, Poor Vision
By Mike Kashmer, Broadband Properties
This year’s annual CTAM (Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing) meeting in Philadelphia suggests that the cable industry has not adjusted well to the “First Mile” world of portable video.

Municipal Networks
The Public-Private Partnership Can Work After All
By Dave McClure, US Internet Industry Association
Public open-access fiber networks, done right, lower risk for private investors. That’s a new reality and a new message from the president of the US Internet Industry Association.

The Glass Mile
A Snapshot Look at Major Trends and the Latest Stats
Insights on FTTH technology and marketing from Mike Render, Takeo Osawa, Kent Brown and others.


BBP Report
Independent Telcos Race to Bring Fiber to the Home
By Masha Zager, Freelance Writer
Long-time industry watch Zager found fiber everywhere when she looked at smaller telcos, Fiber, delivering broadband over long distances, is the technology choice outside major metropolitan areas. What’s more, the independents are beating the RBOCs.


Network Technology
Broadband IP Growth Redefines the Role of Media Converters
By Sev Sadura, Transition Networks
Check out your network neighborhood; there may have been big changes in the past year. The new generation of Multi Service Access Platforms enabled by IEEE 802.3ah brings fiber closer to customers on legacy copper loops.

Network Technology
Delivering Metro Ethernet to Business Customers
By Don McCullough, Entrisphere
Another view of what’s happening on your Municipal Area Network: MSAPs aggregate Ethernet demand, bringing fiber closer to your business.

In-Building Management
Time-Warner Cable Gets Better MDU System
By David Daugherty, Korcett Holdings
The Korcett, a clever appliance, helps TWC handle Denial of Service attacks and manage bandwidth on demand in the First Mile, even in the harsh environment of a college dorm.

MDU Marketing
Direct Broadcast Satellite Strategies
By Jimmy Schaeffler, The Carmel Group
Our annual close-up look at DBS trends. The latest subscriber totals and plans from DirecTV, EchoStar and the new kid on the block, GlobeCast, as of 3Q 2005.

A Quick Look at the Movers and Shakers
We’ll get into the details next issue, but we could not resist bringing you a bit of the sizzle. Our annual Summit attracted more than 470 attendees. The exhibit area spilled out into the lobby and halls.

A First Mile View
A Duck Out of Water
By Hilda Gay Legg
The former head of RUS confesses that she’s an evangelist for broadband, especially in rural areas. She’s energized by the chance to change peoples’ lives and to kick start economic growth.



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