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Broadband Properties December 2006 Issue
December Cover

President's Letter
Killer App Expo: Join The Leaders
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
To be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana – April 30 to May 2

Editor’s Note
Video Warning: Beware What You Wish For
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
The FCC rewrote the Telecommunications Act as the year ended. Congress has been working on a grand compromise: Telcos would get national video franchising in exchange for observing the FCC’s vague Net Neutrality principals for the next four years.

Provider Perspective
How To Coordinate A Great 2007
By Bryan Rader, DirecPath
As in football, everyone in business needs people with perspective to help co ach the team. Your coordinators help you step back and see the big picture.

FTTH Deployment Trends
Texas Video Franchise Law Accelerated FTTH Deployment
A BBP Staff Report
Texas streamlined video franchising in September 2005. Since then, fiber-to-the-home video service expanded six times as fast in Texas as in the rest of the country. A new study from RVA Render & Associates gives details.

First Mile
Our Monthly Summary of Marketing Information
Focus: Broadband demand increases worldwide; capital expenditures follow, especially at customer premises. 1.25 million signing up for broadband each week; 5.4 million FTTH subscribers in Japan; FTTH wil be Asian “access technology of choice,” telco TV increases demand for headends; mobile equipment sales up 3Q06; broadband use spurs equipment sales; IPTV growth; USA wireless data market growing fast; all-in-one wireless devices may fuel industry growth; Asia-Pacific smartphone market in mass adoption stage; cable TV revenues grow worldwide; mobile consumers will pay premium for better broadband; 65.9 million US VOD homes by 2016.


Hispanic TV at the Crossroads but IPTV Speeds Through
By Michael A. Kashmer, Broadband Properties
We need a new organization to fight for IP video, Mike says. Bandwidth is a crucial component of the rapidly changing landscape needed to make IPTV a success. More choice, more youth, more programming aimed at new Americans, even by big broadcasters.

2007 Programming Guide
Our biggest guide yet – with detailed descriptions of offering by more than 90 channels along with some distributor-only programming sources for private cable operators and independent telcos. Aside from distributor-only organizations, almost 20 channels offer separate distribution deals. We’re also listing some IPTV network service providers, who can now use fiber to transmit programming to affiliated local providers across the US. KILLER APP MAGAZINE

Broadband arrives in the living room; telemedicine brings mammography to the reservation; Jackson Tennessee attracts service-industry firms.

Telemedicine Brings Mammography To The Rez
By Nicole Fawcett, University of Michigan
Native American women living in North Dakota and South Dakota are coming to the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center for breast cancer screenings without ever leaving the reservation.

Fiber-Wired City Attracts Managed Services Businesses
By Geoff Daily, Assistant Editor
The Internet is often described as the 21st-century equivalent of the 19th-centry railroad network: locations without access to it are left off the economic map, while locations with the best access are poised for growth.

Broadband Content: Coming To A Living Room Near You
By Masha Zager, Editor
In the late 1990s, when we began hearing about Internet-television convergence, the idea seemed comical. Even on postage-stamp-sized players, Internet video consisted of short segments with jumpy motion and out-of-sync sound. Who would want to watch that on television?


How do you get the fiber built with the resources available now, especially in overbuild and rural situations? That requires a business case that minimizes first costs, maximizes growth potential, and increases opportunity for garnering more customer revenue. Three articles this month tackle the issue.

Take-Rate Economics and FTTH Network Design
By Guy Swindell, OFS
Competitive carriers recognize that most of that cost is only incurred when you have a subscriber! The moral: Overbuilds require more careful attention to first cost, even if final buildouts are more expensive, because customer revenue helps pay the expense.

FTTH Pays Back in Less Than Five Years
By Sunan Han, William Yue, and Stephen Smith, Fujitsu
Network Communications: The business case for GPON easily beats copper, but only if you serve video.

Xittel Combines Fiber and WiMAX to Serve as Few as 25 Customers
By Francois D. Menard, Xittel Telecommunications
This Canadian firm’s public-private model, with some up-front government subsidy and clever use of Motorola Canopy technology, works broadband magic.


Using fiber to serve one customer every 10 square miles
By Masha Zager – Contributing Editor, Broadband Properties
The deployment focus has shifted to Western states this month. Covered are: Border to Border Communications, Zapata, Texas; Custer Telephone CO-operative in central Idaho; SureWest Communications, Roseville, California; West Plains Telecommunications, Texas; First Communications, Akron, Ohio; Alloptic, CopperCom; MetaSwitch.



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