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Broadband Properties February 2006 Issue

President’s Letter
Fiber-Connected And Future-Proof
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Laying the Foundation for Growth

Editor’s Note
NAHB and CES: A Tale of Two Cities… and the Fiber That Connects Them
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Even though the audience and the moods were very
different, the target was the same: The American

Private Cable Operators
The Lowdown on the Download
By Bryan Rader, MediaWorks
Cable operators have to keep up in an age of downloadable programming.

Changes on the Horizon in 2006
By Michael A. Kashmer, Broadband Properties
Technology has opened a direct Internet pathway to consumers, bypassing cable.

The First Mile
Capsule Summaries of Trend Data for Broadband
This month’s focus: Fiber deployments; recent weakness of cable and satellite.

Fiber to the Home
Fiber Gains 1 Million New Homes and a Quarter-Million New Customers
A BBP Staff Report
FTTH deployments accelerated in the last four months of 2005. The number of FTTH homes passed topped 3.7 million and the number of subscribers to fiber services grew 70 percent. To put it another way, the number of homes passed from September to New Years Day was more than a third the total that existed in the US before then!


Our Town: Delivering the Total Broadband Experience
By Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon
Betting on fiber, Verizon’s CEO sets out his vision for new consumer products enabled by FTTH and justifies his company’s massive investment in FTTH buildout.

We’re Well Along in the Digital Decade
By Bill Gates, Microsoft
Microsoft’s leader says the massive connectivity and inter-operability the company envisions will require ubiquitous massive bandwidth, too, in just four years.

Health and Medicine
Broadband for Seniors and Disabled
By Robert E. Litan, Kauffman Foundation
Massive economic benefits are seen for ultra-fast telemedicine and telecommuting; they will save money and improve quality of life.

Consumer Electronics Show
More Reasons for Customer Demand; More Help for Fiber Deployments
A BBP Staff Report
We saw dozens of new products for moving content around a home network. Digital Rights Management problems may be on the way to solution, too.


FTTH: The Next Great Household Amenity
By David Meis, Corning Cable Systems
Developers are going to be convinced by what fiber can do for them – not by acronyms and techno-speak. Here are some convincing arguments indeed.

Sunset Summits: Bringing Fiber to a South Carolina Greenfield
Q&A with Developer Jeff Hesla and Kent Brown of AFL Telecommunications
This 300-home development’s technology and business plan is a first for upstate South Carolina – and could become a national model as well.

The Law: Master Communications Easements in the Fiber Age
By Jeffry L. Hardin and James N. Moskowitz, Fleischman and Walsh, LLP
Separating fiber easements from physical rights-of-way such as streets maximizes developer rights while providing incentives to build fiber.


Independent Telcos and FTTH
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
Our monthly roundup of news of special interest to indepen­dent telephone companies. This month: LaHarpe Telephone; North Dakota Telephone Company; Parker FiberNet; Paxio; Sigecom; Skyline Membership Corporation; Twin Valley Telephone; Yucca Telecom.

Columbus Telephone Company
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
This small telco in Kansas went fiber with only about 1,000 customers. Jobs followed.



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