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Broadband Properties January 2006 Issue

President’s Letter
Here Is The Shape Of Things To Come
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Fiber Applications: A Major New Thrust

Editor’s Note
Message to Congress: Ratchet Up National Bandwidth Goals
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Federal lawmakers are mulling changes to the
Telecommunications Act. They should show more

Private Cable Operators
Open a Window and Let Something Fresh In
By Bryan Rader, MediaWorks
Rader has been hearing for years that the window of opportunity is closing for independent cable operators, thanks to pressure from the giants. But, he says, innovative cable operators have kept the window open. They should in the future, too.

The First Mile
Capsule Summaries of Trend Data for Broadband
The focus this month is on FTTH and IPTV. See what’s happening on high bandwidth in Asia, converged services here, satellite TV, consumer gadget preferences, and a lot more.


FTTH Primer for Developers
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
In concept, fiber optic technology is pretty simple. But the devil is in the acronyms: DSLAMs, DSL, ONTs, OLTs, Pedes­tals, Microduct, 802.3ah, RF, IPTV. Our editor explains how FTTH works – and why property owners should care.

The Coming IPTV Revolution
By Dr. Lawrence Kingsley, Contributing Editor
Hardly anyone gets TV over the Internet now, but it could be a $44 billion business in four years. Here’s how, and here’s why you should care.

The Value of Smart Home Technology and FTTH to a Homeowner
Diane Kruse, ZoomyCo
A new survey of homebuyers says they want FTTH and high-tech homes. Really. Diane Kruse chairs the FTTH Council.

Negotiating an MDU Access Agreement
By Carl E. Kandutsch, Ph.D., J.D.
Owners have newfound leverage over competing providers, but mistakes are harder to fix if you pick the wrong provider, says Kandutsch, a former FCC staff attorney.

Public Telecommunications Policy, 2006: Wholesale Revision or Piecemeal Change?
By Stan Fendley, Corning
Revisions to the 1996 Telecommunications Act would redefine Internet data, and more. Here’s what’s in the offing in Washington and in the states, from a former congressional aide.


Independent Telcos and FTTH
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
Our monthly roundup of news of special interest to independent telephone companies. This month: Capitol Infrastructure, Paul Bunyan, Guadalupe Valley, TDS Telecom, Northeast Florida, and more.

Starting a Telco-Based Video Service
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
Advice from the field, on everything independent telephone operators need to know about offering video services.


Solving the Urban Fiber Bottleneck
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
In this Q&A, David Kidder of Renaissance Integrated Solutions explains how officials can leverage sewer money and network lease payments to replace aging infrastructure and get fiber pathways as a bonus.

Federal Funds for Broadband – And for Sewer Rehab, Too
By Nancy Rutledge Connery, Renaissance Integrated Solutions
Various federal grant and loan programs for local broadband deployment could be used to support needed sewerage up­grades in conjunction with the Renaissance Integrated Solutions Dual Purpose Rehabilitation Solution. It adds up to real money, especially in rural areas.

Oregon Conference Highlights FTTP Interest
Staff Report
Almost 150 public officials crowded the Broadband Properties Portland Workshop, to learn why Fiber to the Home is important – and inevitable. Our next regional conference will be in Loma Linda, California, April 6-7.



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