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Broadband Properties July 2006 Issue

President's Letter
How To Leverage FTTH — Theme for Summit 2006
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
The Summit is almost here!

Editor's Note
Key Lesson from the Top 100: Fiber is Easier
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
This issue's massive look at the industry's "best of the best" organizations – our annual Top 100 listing – offers us on the staff a unique overview of industry trends, triumphs, and shortcomings.

Provider Perspective
This Idea is Priced to Move
By Bryan Rader MediaWorks
Property owners have begun to adjust rents on a day-to-day basis. What about cable operators? Columnist Rader suggests that broadband providers can benefit from the same sort of market research.

The Latest Thoughts on IPTV
By Michael A. Kashmer Broadband Properties
Content providers and companies that deliver broadband are inching toward a business model for deploying MPEG4 video; here are a bunch of ideas. At stake: If they can make it work, immediate bandwidth needs looming for 2009 drop to 20 or 30 Mbps. Our Content Editor also details his observations from last month’s CTAM meeting in Boston.

The First Mile
Entertainment, Especially IPTV,
Is Driving Market Growth Worldwide
Streaming video – legal – is driving the broadband market in Japan, Hong Kong and Korea. But China and India are moving up, too. Even so, North American deployments are increasing faster and should surpass Asia’s in the next year. The Netherlands, Denmark and Iceland have overtaken Korea in percent of households with broadband. And in the US, the FCC says “broadband” households increased 33 percent last year.


The Broadband Properties Top 100
Staff Report
To find the best of the best, our staff researched almost 500 companies to select the ones that we believe will move the fiber-to-the-home meter the farthest in the next 12 months. On the list: equipment vendors, network builders, service providers.

BBP Top 10 Distributors
Staff Report
There’s a seamless progression from coax to fiber taking place nationwide. It couldn’t be happening without the help of distributors, who have started to make fiber replacements, upgrades, and small deployments a business as routine as for coax. The distributors say stocking is easy, thanks to ubiquitous standards and easy interchangeability. The risk they say they worry about most: Carrying inventory in a market where price cuts occur almost daily.

Killer App
You’re not selling "broadband", you’re selling content. Here's the second issue of our "magazine within a magazine" exploring why ultra-broadband is necessary. This month: Predictions from Paul Lee, research director for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications practice. Music education online. Web entertainment moves beyond amateur hour. Also: Visit


Independent Telcos and FTTH
By Masha Zager Contributing Editor
Our monthly summary of news of special interest to independent telephone companies. This issue: Alma Communications, Jaguar Communications, Penn Telecom, Tularosa Basin Telephone Company, Warwick Valley Telephone Company.



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