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Broadband Properties June 2006 Issue

President's Letter
Dynamic Speakers Lined Up For Summit
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Read about them now. See them in September.

Editor's Note
WiFi: A Great Amenity, a Lousy Cure for the Digital Divide
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief, Broadband Properties
It's time for a reality check when it comes to citywide
wireless systems. We still strongly believe that many public authorities can – and will continue to – make a strong case for publicly owned wireless networks. 

Provider Perspective
Pulling Back from the Tipping Point
By Bryan Rader, MediaWorks
Satellite dishes improperly installed by tenants lower property Values. Private cable operations can help; here's how.

Niche Programming: Slivercast TV
By Michael A. Kashmer, Broadband Properties
Narrow-audience video programming has arrived on the Web. There appears to be an inexhaustible supply of audiences and Business plans to make this technically simple version of IPTV Work.

The First Mile
Broadband Market Growth, Fiber and Wireless
Cellular wireless and mobile VoIP are coming on strong. Fiber? Some 86 million homes by 2011, with cost per home passed now about $700 worldwide.

MDU Deployments
Verizon's First FiOS MDU
By Orrin Charm, InfiniSys, Inc.
With one day's notice that FiOS would be available, JPI partners grabbed for the brass ring and brought FiOS to Jefferson at Dedham Station, its new development near Boston . It's another Bit of history to crow about.

Private Cable Operations Meet in Orlando
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
The annual independent Multi-Family Communications Council meeting showed an organization between two worlds – coax and fiber – and on the move to make a difference.


Independent Telcos and FTTH
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
This month: Alma Communications, Dumont Telephone, EMBARQ Logistics, Grand Mound Cooperative Telephone Association, NTELCOS, SKT Business Communications Solutions, SureWest Communications, T2 Communications, Minnesota's Iron Range Communities.

The Super-Fast Bandon GPON Project
By Scott T. Wilkinson, Hitachi Telecom and
John Stadter, ComSpanUSA
The first GPON project delivering triple-play to an entire Municipality lit on June 21: Bandon, Oregon.

Triple-Play Services Delivered to Worker's Housing in Mexico
By Masha Zager, Contributing Editor
An unusual variant to FTTC for Interfibra, along with network Management from Packetfront, helps deliver IPTV in Monterrey. Triple-play services go for less than $25 a month.


A New Magazine
In this issue, we inaugurate a new magazine-within-a-magazine, devoted to emerging applications. It has its own Web site, too. Visit It helps answer the Question: What do you need all that bandwidth for, anyway?


Special Section: Doing Wireless Right

Municipal Wireless Deployment: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly
A BBP Staff Report
Four experts explain where wireless technologies - including, but not limited to, WiFi and WiMAX – should be deployed, and when it doesn't make sense.

Wireless Networking: Not as Easy as it Looks
By Tom Henderson, ExtremeLabs
This networks expert advises municipal officials not to over-promise if they plan to install a WiFi net. Security and technology Issues can sink the project.

Software for In-Building Network Design
By Mario Bouchard, iBwave
This Canadian company sells software that helps designers plan Wireless nets for MDUs. The package exchanges files with standard packages such as AutoCAD.

Wireless Broadband Access for MDU's: A Primer
By Dick Sherwin, Spot on Networks
MDU operators can make WiFi work, but the devil is in the details. And even the best of networks require hands-on continuing service.

Fiber for Cell-Phone Distributed Antenna Systems
By Allen Dixon, Corning Cable Systems
With preconnectorized aerial fiber in runs as long as 36,000 feet, and clever distribution electronics that do not require expensive individual antennas, cell sites don't have to be concentrated on ungainly towers and rooftops any more.


What Will the New Telecom Act Mean for Fiber?
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Net neutrality, national franchising and payments into the Universal Service Fund have hogged the headlines. But what, exactly, does it all mean for MDUs and for companies providing broadband services, especially private cable operators? And will it pass?



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