The Towns & Technologies Conference Series presents:
Dallas Marriot Las Colinas
Irving, Texas
September 11 - 13, 2006

"Big Broadband
for the First Mile"
Creative solutions for a world of
intensifying competition
Dallas Summit 2006
September 11-13

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2006 Broadband Properties Summit
Dallas Marriott Las Colinas, Dallas,TX
Sept. 11 – 13, 2006

Multifamily Sessions
Multifamily I
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11 - 3:30 PM — 4:20 PM
Legal Panel: Regulatory Update

How are triple play services and the technologies that enable them affecting the current federal and state and regulations? How are federal and state governments attempting to address the triple play? How are ILECs and MSOs attempting to shape regulations governing the triple play? How will all of the regulatory efforts affect Owners and PCOs? How will Bellsouth’s COLR efforts affect the market? How will Verizon’s FCC filing seeking the prohibition of exclusive contracts affect the market? Will the cable home wiring rules be expanded?
Moderator: Henry Pye - JPI Partners
• Panelist: Matt Ames - Miller & Van Eaton
• Panelist: Carl Kandutsch

Multifamily II
MONDAY SEPTEMBER 11 - 4:30 PM — 5:20 PM
Owner Discussion: Bulk Service Strategies

Why do some owners provide bulk services? What bulk strategies do multifamily owners pursue? How do owners deploy bulk services? How do bulk strategies differ depending on product type and market? What are owners looking for from providers? How do owners evaluate bulk offers?
Moderator: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
• Panelist: Gregory McDonald - Camden
• Panelist: Henry Pye - JPI Partners, LLC
• Panelist: Charles Noel Jr. - Fairfield Residential LLC
• Panelist: Josh Katz - Roseland Property Management

Multifamily III
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12 - 9:40 AM — 10:30 AM
Owner Discussion: Owner’s View of the Triple Play World

How do owners view the triple play world? How are triple play services and the technologies that enable them affecting multifamily communities? How are triple play offers affecting owner relationships with providers and contracts? How are triple play technologies affecting low voltage wiring and wiring ownership?
Moderator: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
• Panelist: Chris Acker - Forest City Residential
• Panelist: Mark A. Bershenyi - Archstone Smith
• Panelist: Cheryl Barraco - Avalon Bay
• Panelist: TBD

Multifamily IV
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12 - 2:00 PM — 2:50 PM
Provider Panel – Innovative Services and Niche Strategies

What innovative strategies are providers utilizing? What are profitable niches in the multifamily market and how do they differ? What efforts are providers undertaking to serve niches in the multifamily market? How do providers balance economies of scale and niche strategies?
Moderator: Richard Holtz - Infinisys
• Panelist: David Daugherty - Korcett Holdings
• Panelist: Eric Cevis - Verizon
• Panelist: Dave Schwehm - Time Warner Cable
• Panelist: Mark Scifres - Pavlov (fka Fusion)

Multifamily V
TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 12 - 4:40 PM — 5:30 PM
Legal Panel – What do Owners and Providers want? What can they do?

What do MSOs want and what can they do? What do ILECS want and what can they do? What do owners want and what can they do? How will the triple play and the technologies that enable them affect MSO and owner relationships? How will the triple play and the technologies that enable them affect ILEC and owner relationships? What will happen to exclusive provider contracts? What will happen to provider owned wiring and exclusive access to wiring? Will exclusive marketing contracts become the standard?
Moderator: Mary Kane – Comcast
• Panelist: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
• Panelist: Art Hubacher - Costlow & Hubacher
• Panelist: Gil Geldon – Verizon (PENDING)
• Panelist: Mark Farrell - AT&T
• Panelist: Dan Glivar - Holland and Hart / Time Warner Cable
• Panelist: Linda Trickey - Cox Communications

Multifamily VI
Private Operator Panel: Competitive Strategies in the Triple Play World

How will the triple play world change the competitive landscape? How are PCOs offering and marketing their triple play bundles? How are triple play bundles for the MSOs and ILECs affecting the PCO business model? What new strategies are PCOs adopting to counter the MSO and ILEC triple play?
Moderator: Henry Pye - JPI Partners, LLC
• Panelist: Ghattas Hajjo - MCW
• Panelist: Eric Fichtner - Connexion Technologies
• Panelist: Patrick Cunningham - MDU Communications
• Panelist: Bryan Rader - MediaWorks

Multifamily VII
WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 13 - 10:00 AM — 10:50 AM
Vendor Panel - What's Next?

What new products will make a difference to providers and owners? How will new products shape the industry?
Moderator: Richard Holtz – Infinisys
• Panelist: David Hanchette - OnQ/ Legrand
• Panelist: Douglas Atkinson – Tellabs
• Panelist: Daren Benzi – DirecTV
• Panelist: Kevin Kirkland - FoxCom