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Broadband Properties January 2007 Issue

Presidents Letter
Killer App and Summits: Town & Tech Events
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Coming Up: Our Fort Wayne Expo, April 30 � May 2

Editor's Note
Wall Street Reconsiders Telecom � And So Should Congress
By Steven S. Ross
Investor interest in telecommunications revived somewhat in 2006. The S&P telecommunications index was up a whopping 33 percent � more than double the rise of the entire index.

Provider Perspective
Know When to Hold'em
By Bryan Rader, DirecPath
Sometimes, you can hold out for better times. But you have to know when to fold your position at a nonproductive property, too. Think of the folly of continuing to invest in a bad poker hand.

First Mile
Our Monthly Compilation of Marketing Data and Trends
This month: Predictions for 2007. As we start the new year, we pay particular attention to the general market and technology conditions that will drive the broadband business over the next 12 months. Key prediction: US broadband penetration will hit 60% this year, but by year's end only half the customers will get their bandwidth through cable.

Why We Need Fiber
New applications depend on it; 2007 will see continued convergence of telecom, media and IT, according to a new report from Paul Budde Communication ( ). However, this convergence will depend on the development of fiber broadband networks. He sees video telephony as the number one killer application of the future.

FTTH Deployments
Why We Decided on Fiber at Kellswater Bridge
By George L. Kiser, Jr., Kellswater Bridge Development
A developer with technical savvy builds the future into a new North Carolina community.

The Law
Will Video Franchise Reform stick? And Will It Work?
By Carl E. Kandutsch Ph.D., J.D.
The FCC has the right idea, but the courts and Congress are sure to have a say.

Video Policy:
The Signal is Scrambled for 2007
By Bill Burhop IMCC
Congress and local officials are gearing up to challenge the FCC's year-end rulemaking.


Exclusive Deployment Report
Independent Telcos Installing Fiber to the Premises
A BBP Staff Report
Midwestern states lead in deployments as smaller telcos embrace fiber. Our latest detailed compilation of fiber to the premises system announcements by non-RBOC telcos covers 161 announcements involving communities in 39 states.

Television Challenges for Independent Telcos
By Ken Pyle,
The major telcos are finally starting to give the cable companies notice that they are serious about entering the market for video services. But it was the independent telcos who were the pioneers of telco TV, and of IPTV in particular. The entry of the major telcos into this space has made it harder for independents to provide service profitably. IPTV may have been the buzzword for 2006, but the current video picture isn't really about IPTV � it's about competition.

By Masha Zager, Broadband Properties
This month: Falcon Broadband, Hawaiian Telecom, North Dakota Telephone Company, Alcatel-Lucent, Charles Industries, Corning Cable Systems, Optibase, Varimatrix.


This month: New boost for public-school education; reality TV on the Internet draws audiences and advertisers; what consumers will be doing with broadband.

Technology Revitalizes A School District
By Geoff Daily, Assistant Editor
Two and a half years ago, California's Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) was saddled with an aging IT infrastructure and more than $25 million in debt. Upgrade was needed in order to serve more than 24,000 students and the surrounding community.

The Fabulous Story of "CubeFabulous"
By Masha Zager
"You're talking about the Wild West," says Matt Wasserlauf, the CEO of online advertising network Broadband Enterprises. "The unique aspect of broadband video is that there is no standard."

The Path to Ultrabroadband: Lessons From Consumer Behavior
By John Carey, Fordham Business Schools
The arrival of ultrabroadband connections of 1 Gbps or more to the home will greatly expand the video choices available to American consumers.

FTTH Council Annual Meeting: The Bets Were on Fiber in Las Vegas
A BBP Staff Report
Money counts in Las Vegas � and at this fall's FTTH Council annual meeting there was some to spare, as equipment vendors, network builders, fiber suppliers and even companies deploying networks came up with dozens of ways to save money on new networks, and dozens of ways to make money with new services.



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