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Special 28-Page Section On Fiber-to-the-Home Fundamentals
Here at last is the guide that everyone in the industry has been requesting. Produced by the editors of Broadband Properties and sponsored by the FTTH Council, this primer covers the key economic and technical issues surrounding fiber to the home. It makes clear why FTTH is the only technology that will deliver enough bandwidth, reliably and at a low enough cost, to meet the consumer demands of the next decade.

Broadband Properties March 2007 Issue

President's Letter
Give Us Green Content, Says Developer Crowd
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Get ready for the Summit, September 10-12

Editor's Note
Europe: An Unintended Laboratory for American Policy
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Japan adds more FTTH customers every month than any other nation � about 300,000. The US has the fastest FTTH growth rate, more than doubling last year and expected to redouble in 2007 and 2008. Europe? Just 820,000 FTTH customers by mid-2006, almost all in just five countries.

Provider Perspective
The User Manual Is A Loser Manual
By Bryan J. Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC
Private Cable Operators should follow the example of the best electronic retailers � and some FTTH providers � to educate consumers about the new technologies we want them to pay for.


Market Outlook
First Mile
This month's special focus is on international trends. FTTH is being helped by competitive pressures, relentless cuts in deployment costs, and the advent of HDTV. But governments must level the playing field against entrenched interests.

Exclusive Barcelona Coverage
GPON Gains in Europe
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
The FTTH Council Europe annual conference in Barcelona showcased cost-cutting technologies and new business cases for fiber deployments. It also highlighted continuing problems with European Union telecommunications policy.

The International Top 30
What struck us most this year was these companies' ability to shave deployment costs and create new business cases for FTTH. Among the companies to watch that you probably never heard about: Arcadis, Damaka, Dasan, TBBLOB, and


The Pipe Is There: Using Existing Infrastructure to Speed FTTH Deployment
By Dr. Jey K. Jeyapalan, P.E.
North American water, gas, sewer and electric utilities should be getting into the fiber network business, as they are in Europe. Here's why � along with the technical details utilities need to start the ball rolling. Our author is one of the world's great experts on underground utilities; his ASTM committee has helped write the standards.

Building to Meet the Great Bandwidth Rush
By Tiber F.T. van Melsem Kocsis, Emtelle
Blown fiber isn't always the best way to go. But when conditions are right, it can minimize deployment time and distruption when building urban fiber networks � and save money, too.


Telco Deployment News
By Masha Zager, Telecom Editor
Two companies � Windstream Communications and Optical Entertainment Network � have moved forward with very large-scale fiber deployments, while a number of other independents are bringing fiber to greenfield, brownfield and even commercial developments. Featured this month: ATMC, Jaguar Communications, OEN Fision, Shentel, SureWest, Twin Valley Telephone, Webster-Calhoun Cooperative, West Texas Rural Telephone Cooperative, Windstream Communications. Suppliers include Alloptic, APA Cables & Networks, ECI Telecom, Motorola, Optibase, and Telco Systems.

TelecomCity Karlskrona
State-of-the-Art Fiber Meets 300-Year-Old Buildings
By Staff Reporter
A Swedish-style open-access network opens the way for innovative services and economic development in the ancient city of Karlsdrona.


Video Surveillance Comes of Age
By Fima Vaisman, ClearMesh Networks
Real-time video security requires fiber-like speed and capacity along with WiFi's costs and flexibility. A new type of network architecture � Wireless Optical Mesh � makes video surveillance viable in outdoor environments.

Partnerships That Deliver: An Interview with AT&T's Ken Tysell
AT&T relies on strategic partnerships with application developers and content providers to carry out its �three-screen initiative.�

The Transparent LAN: A Municipal Fiber System Simplifies Business Networking
By Sandy Crusenberry, Bristol Virginia Utilities



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