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Special 28-Page Section On Fiber-to-the-Home Fundamentals
Here at last is the guide that everyone in the industry has been requesting. Produced by the editors of Broadband Properties and sponsored by the FTTH Council, this primer covers the key economic and technical issues surrounding fiber to the home. It makes clear why FTTH is the only technology that will deliver enough bandwidth, reliably and at a low enough cost, to meet the consumer demands of the next decade.

Broadband Properties Magazine May 2007 Issue


President's Letter
Get Front-Burner Info At 2007 Broadband Summit
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Deals � and timely advice from top experts

Editor's Note
The Exaflood: Smaller Cable Companies Understand
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
When it comes to video, 2007 is clearly a pivotal year. Usually, when an industry faces such a period, the diversity of opinion among its leaders starts to close. This is simply not happening. So who will survive the decade?

Provider Perspective
iPod is an i-Opener
By Bryan Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC
Here's how to stay on top of consumer trends that affect your bottom line, and your business future.

New Networks to Give Your Lineup a Boost
By Michael A. Kashmer, Broadband Properties Magazine
More niche programming that can make a compelling difference to your subscribers.

The First Mile
Fiber Installations and Customers Grow Worldwide
Asia/Pacific leads the charge to fiber; 46 million mobile video subscribers by 2010; GPON equipment market should exceed $1 billion this year; IPTV offers great promise, big hurdles to service providers; Internet video-to-TV solutions to deliver $1.5 billion in service revenue by 2012.

Why We Need More Fiber
Skype Brings Prepaid Video Calling to Wal-Mart
Add this to your list of unexpected bandwidth-devouring applications: Remember when video phones were big-ticket business-only items you had to go to special call centers to use? Now anyone can pick up a prepaid calling card down at the Skype Internet Communications stand at Wal-Mart's. The cheapest cards are $8.00 for three months of unlimited North American calls.


The Exabyte Internet
By David P. McClure, US Internet Industry Association
We're being hit with an �exaflood� of data, in part due to expanding distribution of high-definition video. We'll need more than fiber to handle the billions of gigabytes. Here's what it will take to prepare our network infrastructure.

MDU Pioneers
The Top 10 MDU Pioneers for 2007
A BBP Staff Report
BBP recognizes some of the virtuosos who have helped push FTTP for multi-tenant environments.. and the winners share their thoughts about what you should be doing now and what you should be watching for in the next few years.


Fiber Dominates IMCC Meeting
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Members of the Independent Multi-Family Communications Council heard that they have to grow and have to find more bandwidth to prosper.

The MDU Files
Valuing MDU Bandwidth
By Henry Pye, JPI
Prospective owners are inspecting low-voltage infrastructure in greater detail, reviewing contracts and services during due diligence, and adjusting the purchase price for shortcomings. Before you buy an MDU community, examine the low-voltage wiring for four types of problems that may affect video service. Henry's checklist makes it easier.

Deployment Strategies
Utilities as Broadband Infrastructure Providers
By Douglas T. McMurray, PacketFront
Technology has opened an interesting opportunity for utilities: providing broadband network services. The expansion of broadband access, the shift from analog to digital, and the development of new services like e-education and e-medicine show great potential. Here's how utilities can capitalize on existing utility infrastructure and compete in new markets.

Blown Fiber: Cost-Effective, Flexible Backbone Solutions
By Tibor F.T. van Melsem Kocsis, Emtelle
Allow for an uncertain future by laying empty microducts along with multifiber cable.


Indiana Digital Gateway: Just What The Doctor Ordered
By Masha Zager, Editor
If you drew a diagonal line across Indiana, you would divide the state neatly into two very different regions: the industrial northeast and the largely rural southwest.

Taking The Show On The Road: Killer App Goes Live
A KA Staff Report
It was an unlikely mixture, or �mashup,� in Web 2.0 jargon � real estate developers rubbing shoulders with application developers; government officials chatting with network providers; educators, policy analysts, hardware vendors, consultants, healthcare executives, and game-playing teenagers.

Applications Must Drive Muni Wireless Deployments
By Craig Settles,
Remember the era when anyone with a pulse and good PowerPoint skills could con venture capitalist into throwing millions at an idea that defied fundamental principles of business finance? "Smart" businesspeople lost their minds, VCs lost their shirts and tock investors lost their hindquarters.

5 Million Channels And Nothing's On: Discovery And Recommendation In An Internet Video World
By Chris Brogan, Video on the Net
Television is no longer a single box. It's no longer a single tuner. It's a combination of everything your video service provider offers plus everything available via the Internet today. Add to the various set-top box content offerings, like the Apple TV, and you'll see that the battle isn't for your living room; it's for your attention.


Independent Telcos
Independent Telco Deployments
By Masha Zager, BBP Telecom Editor
This month: Alma Communications; Benton Cooperative Telephone Company; Great Plains Communications; Highland Telephone Cooperative; Horizon Chillicothe Telephone Company; Local Internet Service Company (LISCO); Long Lines; NTELOS; Optical Entertainment Network; Paxio; Rockwell Cooperative Telephone Association; Surewest Communications; ADTRAN; Alloptic; Corning Cable Systems; DF Countryman; EMBARQ Logistics; General Bandwidth; Nortel; Occam Networks; Scientific Atlanta; Tellabs; Telstrat; Wave7 Optics; Widevine.



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