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Special 28-Page Section On Fiber-to-the-Home Fundamentals
Here at last is the guide that everyone in the industry has been requesting. Produced by the editors of Broadband Properties and sponsored by the FTTH Council, this primer covers the key economic and technical issues surrounding fiber to the home. It makes clear why FTTH is the only technology that will deliver enough bandwidth, reliably and at a low enough cost, to meet the consumer demands of the next decade.

Broadband Properties Magazine October 2007 Issue

This Month

President’s Letter
Hear Great Speakers with Fresh New Info
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Sign up now for Summit ’08 April 28 – 30 in Dallas, Texas

Editor’s Note
Lessons from Summit 2007
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
The triple play was barely mentioned at this year’s Broadband Summit in Dallas, as property owners, managers, developers, network builders and content providers looked ahead a few years.

Providers Perspective
It’s a Tough Job to Build Contacts
By Bryan J. Rader, Bandwidth Consulting, LLC
All the technology in the world is wanted by inattentive staff. You’ve paid for the fiber. Now it is time to pay attention to hiring and keeping the best.

The First Mile
International broadband traffic and capacity grow; mobile and fixed networks share the zest for expansion as fiber and WiMAX attract investment; Asia is particularly active.

Fiber Deployment Roundup
By Masha Zager, BBP Telecom Editor
Fiber-Connected Communities and Communities with Fiber: What’s driving deployments of fiber to the premises? That depends on who’s doing the deploying.


Summit 2007: Making the Business Case for Fiber
By Steven S. Ross and Masha Zager, Broadband Properties
Summit speakers and attendees showed that fiber to the premises, along with marketing that gets the broadband story across to buyers, help overcome the real estate slowdown.

Transitioning to Digital TV

Applications as Amenities

Applications as Revenue Generators

Communicating the Value of Fiber

Using High-Speed Services to Assist Property Operations

Legal Update: Regulations Affecting Voice, Video and Data Services

Existing Properties and Low-Voltage Wiring

Working with Developers on Deploying FTTH

Lessons from the Masters: MDU Workshop


Fiber to the MDU: Compact V-Linx Architecture for Easier Installations
By Dan Hendrickson, Pete Weimann, and Hongbo Zhang, OFS
OFS uses mini-hubs every five floors, rather than one large hub in the basement, to distribute fiber. Compact on-floor concentrators can handle up to 60 units a floor.

Advanced Optical Fibers Help Navigate the Bends Inside MDUs
By Dr. Dave Mazzarese, OFS
Until this year, most “bend-tolerant” fibers could withstand a 12 to 15 mm bend. The limit is getting smaller. Here’s how vendors make the stuff.

Municipal Fiber
Burlington Telecom Profits from Fiber
By Christopher Mitchell, Institute for Local Self-Reliance
By late 2008, after a decade-long effort, all 39,000 residents of Vermont’s largest city will have access to the Burlington Telecom (BT) fiber network and its triple play services. Private, as well as public, service providers can use this open-access system on equal terms.

The New Connected Home
By Caitlin Clinard, Connexion Technologies
How technology trends are changing the role of the home in our lives.



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