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Special 28-Page Section On Fiber-to-the-Home Fundamentals
Here at last is the guide that everyone in the industry has been requesting. Produced by the editors of Broadband Properties and sponsored by the FTTH Council, this primer covers the key economic and technical issues surrounding fiber to the home. It makes clear why FTTH is the only technology that will deliver enough bandwidth, reliably and at a low enough cost, to meet the consumer demands of the next decade.

Broadband Properties Magazine September 2007 Issue

This Month

President’s Letter
Mark Your Calendars: End-of-April Summit
By Scott DeGarmo, President & CEO
Co-hosted by the FTTH Council, April 28 – May 1

Editor’s Note
A Fiber Report Card
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief
Events of the past year have served to clarify many of the technical and regulatory issues facing builders of fiber-to-the-home networks in North America. But there’s a lot more than can be done.

Provider Perspective
What’s The Mystery About FTTH?
By Bryan J. Rader, Bandwidth Consulting LLC
Private cable operators are beginning to see the value of fiber, despite the cost of overbuilding their old coax plant.

Why We Need More Fiber
Bandwidth Demand Is Squeezing Cable

First Mile
Telecom carrier capex is rising worldwide, but falling in North America due to AT&T cuts; Utilities expand capacity rather than deploy fiber to new areas; VoIP service revenue hits $15.8b in 2006, with boom expected to continue; Converged voice services could halt decline of fixed-line revenues; Wireless 4G technology coming into focus; Five out of six Internet users to watch online video by 2011.

Fiber Deployment Roundup
By Masha Zager, BBP Telecom Editor
Municipal deployments gather steam; FiOS and Connexion keep on rolling; BT dips a toe in the FTTH water, while France hits some snags; Asia-Pacific deployments; Independents deploy cutting-edge technology.


What We Mean by Future-Proofing
By Steven S. Ross, Editor-in-Chief

Future Proof Fiber
Adapted from a report by ADC
Wave-division multiplexing – the use of the same fiber to carry multiple signals, each on its own wavelength – is already being used to avoid deploying additional fiber.

EPON Deployment Challenges Today and in the Future
By Bill McDonald, Centillium Communications
Ethernet PONs are being deployed worldwide today; they are especially popular in Asia but have been used wherever optical networks may be found. They are also being upgraded to carry far more bandwidth.

Fiber – To Ensure Healthy Connectivity
By Cheri Beranek Podzimek, APACN
Choose your precise fiber deployment technology to fit your specific needs – and watch the details to really save money.


Your Guide to the 2007 FTTH Conference
Conference schedule at a glance, selection of new products on display, complete listing of exhibitors and exhibit floor plan.


FTTH: Low Noise AND High Bandwidth Make the Difference
By Joe Savage, FTTH Council
Once customers get FTTH service, just about the only reason they give it up is they have to move. Churn rates are that low. Here’s why.


The Communications Network: Partner, Not Competitor
By Caitlin Clinard, Connexion Technologies
Separating the communications network from the service provider offers freedom for developers, provides savings and satisfaction for subscribers and presents service providers with a unique opportunity.

The Challenges Associated with a Successful FTTH Deployment
By Bob Whitman, Corning Cable Systems
Operators talk anonymously about the problems they face when building fiber, and the solutions they have evolved to get the job done right, and on budget.

O&A with Phillip Clark, PAXIO
PAXIO, which provides the fastest broadband in the US – some of its customers have gigabit access – has decided to pursue and open-access model for its fiber-to-the-home networks.


Why Fiber is the Best Solution For Today’s Web 2.0 World – and for Developers
By Irit Gillath, Telco Systems
Consumers are not in denial about their bandwidth needs, but builders and developers may be. The landscape is changing – and fast.


Winning Strategies for Back Office Integration
By Kevin J. McCarthy, IntraMeta
Here’s what a good operations support system should have in order to wow customers and make providers’ lives easier.


Independent Telcos Continue Rolling Out Fiber
By Masha Zager, Telecom Editor, Broadband Properties
The latest update of our exclusive survey shows that smaller phone companies across the US – both incumbents and competitive providers – are embracing FTTP with enthusiasm.



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