Multifamily Program

8 am � 12 noon: Special MDU Program Pre-Conference Activities (Open to All)

8:00 am � 10:50 am:
Pre-Conference Workshop:

MDU Design and Technology Questions
Bring your network drawings and plans

    ~ Moderator: Richard Holtz � Infinisys
    ~ Panelist: Bob Schneider � KCI Technologies
    ~ Panelist: Henry Pye � JPI
    ~ Panelist: Steve Sadler � Post Properties
    ~ Panelist: Mike Kolb � Cautela Solutions

This event is especially for: MDU owners and managers. ILECs. CLECs. PCOs and other Network Builders

Bring your architectural and low-voltage wiring plans to be vetted by our industry experts. This is an excellent opportunity to get educated on the must-have broadband standards.

11:00 am � 11:50 am:
MDU � Owner and Vendor Panel:

Existing Properties and Wiring: What is really out there?

    ~ Moderator: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
    ~ Panelist: (Video and Voice) Richard Holtz � Infinisys
    ~ Panelist: (Code and Regulation) Henry Pye � JPI
    ~ Panelist: (Voice) Mike Kolb � Cautela Solutions

Many new technologies and business models make various assumptions regarding the state of existing voice, video, and data infrastructure at existing communities. The panel will review the various possibilities and common challenges related to low voltage wiring at existing MDU communities. The owner and vendor panelists will address:

  • What are the recurring challenges with video cabling at existing communities?
  • What do you do with Series 59 coaxial cable?
  • What percentage of existing communities can support a 860 Mhz service? A 2-3 GHz service?
  • What is the typical condition of and common problems with twisted copper infrastructures?
  • How can you rehabilitate existing copper communities?
  • What percentage of existing communities can support new IP based technologies and xDSL delivery systems?
  • What codes, regulations, and standards apply to low voltage wiring?
  • What are the most common code challenges with low voltage infrastructures at exiting MDU communities?

2:00 pm � 3:00 pm:
MDU - Provider Panel:

What do you do with 1,000 Set-top boxes? Financial, Deployment, and Operating Strategies for Digital Video Communities

    ~ Moderator: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
    ~ Panelist: Joe Ott - TWC Austin
    ~ Panelist: Andy Harris - Comcast Atlanta
    ~ Panelist: Nathan Geick - Suddenlink
    ~ Panelist: Bob Toombs - Direct Path
    ~Panelist: David Saldarriaga � Cox

While analog video service will survive for years, its prevalence is waning. Industry leaders will discuss strategies, opportunities, and challenges related to deploying digital video solutions and set-top boxes (STB) across MDU verticals in both retail and bulk applications. The provider panelists will address:

  • How does an all digital service affect bulk and traditional retail business models?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of pre-deployment vs. traditional digital STB deployment?
  • How does all digital service affect premium services and impulse buying?
  • How can you use HSIA as a digital video service sales and management tool?
  • How do you manage remote sign-up, activation and management of STBs?
  • What are the STB and other related costs and how do they affect overall cost, revenue, and expense?

3:10 pm � 4:10 pm:
MDU - Owner Panel:

What do owners want? How can Providers Help?

    ~ Moderator: Josh Katz - Roseland Property Management
    ~ Panelist: Chris Acker - Forest City Residential
    ~ Panelist: Steve Sadler � Post Properties
    ~ Panelist: Mark A. Bershenyi - Archstone Smith
    ~ Panelist: Bob Faitz � AMLI

In an industry where partnerships between owners, providers, and vendors are frequently publicized, there is still little understanding of each other's needs. The owner panelists will address:

  • What services do owners really want for their residents and communities?
  • What challenges do owners face and how can providers and vendors realistically assist them?
  • How can owners assist providers and vendors?
  • What past collaborations between owners, vendors, and providers have worked?

4:30 pm – 5:30 pm:
MDU - Legal Panel:

Regulatory Update

    ~ Moderator: Henry Pye � JPI
    ~ Panelist: Matt Ames - Miller & Van Eaton
    ~ Panelist: Carl Kandutsch - DirecPath
    ~ Panelist: Douglas Jarrett, Esq � Keller and Heckman LLP

Federal, state, and local regulations affect every aspect of voice, video and data services. An always-confusing menagerie of regulation is struggling to adapt to new technologies and services. Seemingly every jurisdiction is considering new regulations amid unparalleled efforts by providers to sway public opinion and attain preferential regulatory treatment. The panelists will address:

  • What is the current regulatory environment for voice, video, and data services?
  • What public and corporate efforts are underway to change regulation?
  • What are the possible outcomes from these efforts?
  • Specific topics of discussion will include FTTP/FTTN, demarcs, COLR, CALEA, and exclusive access contracts.


9:40 am � 10:30 am:
MDU - Vendor Panel:

IPTV: Is tomorrow finally today?

  • Moderator: Richard Holtz - CEO, Infinisys
  • Panelist: Andy Flickner - Thomson
  • Panelist: Steve Winn � CEO, RealPage
  • Panelist: Jeff Weber - VP-Video Products, AT&T

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm:
MDU - Legal Panel:

2nd Annual MDU Legal Leaders Panel

  • Moderator: Mary Kane – Comcast
  • Panelist: Ian Davis - Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr
  • Panelist: Art Hubacher - Costlow & Hubacher
  • Panelist: Gil Geldon – Verizon
  • Panelist: Mark Farrell - AT&T
  • Panelist: Carl Kandutsch – DirecPath
The industry leaders in owner-provider legal relationships will address current trends and concerns related to voice, video, and data services at MDU communities

3:10 pm – 4:10 pm:
MDU - Provider Panel:

MDU Verticals – Differences and Similarities of Voice, Video, and Data Service across MDU Verticals

  • Moderator: Henry Pye – JPI
  • Panelist: Dan O’Connell - Verizon
  • Panelist: Bill Revell – Comcast
  • Panelist: William Pirtle - Shentel
  • Panelist: Dave Schwem – TWC
  • Panelist: (tbd) AT&T

The MDU market is comprised of various verticals and sub-markets. The panelists will discuss the key similarities and differences between luxury multifamily, condominium, military housing, student housing, hospitality and other MDU verticals. Topics will include:

  • What are the critical aspects of the various MDU verticals?
  • How do average duration of occupancy, tenancy patterns, and subscriber numbers affect budget, design, and operating decisions?
  • What can be shared and what must be unique - what investments, abilities, systems, operations and designs can be shared across verticals and sub-markets?
  • How do you manage a business and products across numerous verticals?


9:45 am � 10:45 am:
MDU - Provider Panel:

Beyond High-speed Internet Access � Strategies to Push Voice, Video, and Other Services; Strategies to Assist Property Operations

  • Moderator: Chris Acker - Forest City Residential
  • Panelist: David Daugherty - Korcett Holdings
  • Panelist: Mark Scifres � Pavlov
  • Panelist: David Cardwell - NMHC
  • Panelist: Michael Fortinberry � Realpage/ CrossFire Property Marketing Systems

How can providers and vendors use the HSIA they are providing to residents to assist owners and other interested parties with onsite operations? Topics will include:

  • How can providers use complimentary services to push resident services?
  • What are manager messaging portals and how are they used?
  • How can bulk HSIA or captive/ soft Internet access push and enable video, data, and other services?
  • How do you provide a VLAN for property operations? How are they used?
  • What other services can providers extend on site � what other customers might be served?

11 am � 12 noon:
MDU - Owner Panel

Owner Bulk Service Strategies
Presentations: No

  • Moderator: Patrick Cunningham � MDUC
  • Panelist: Henry Pye � JPI
  • Panelist: Josh Katz - Roseland
  • Panelist: Gregory McDonald � Camden
  • Panelist: (tbd)
  • Panelist: (tbd) ACC

Owners will discuss strategies for bulk voice, video, and data services for various MDU verticals. Topics will include:

  • What bulk and premium services are desired/ required by owners?
  • What are the customary financial, operational, and legal terms for bulk services?
  • What financial analysis of bulk offers do owners perform?
  • What are the differing levels of owner involvement with bulk services?
  • How do you balance owner capitalization and limiting liability for bulk services?
  • What are the infrastructure options and how do they affect bulk services and pricing?























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