Enhanced Promotions
The Broadband Properties Summit offers a wide variety of promotional opportunities for show sponsors and exhibitors designed to maximize exposure and heighten awareness of their company at the event. The opportunities listed below are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Packages are subject to change.
Sponsorships Summary Number Available Cost
Banner Banners to be hung in session and exhibit hall. Specs on request. Banners provided by Sponsor. 10 $500
Tote Bag
Co-sponsorship item: Supply these essential event bags � prominently branded with your logo � to all attendees.
Sponsor may include a company promotional piece or press kit in each bag.
Cost of tote bags included in price.
Sold to
Sure to be highly utilized and in demand, your pens will be placed at the registration counter and given to all attendees.
1,000 pens to be supplied by Sponsor.
Sold to
Lanyards Exclusive badge necklaces with company name and logo. Distributed to all attendees at the registration desk. Sold to
COX Communications
Co-sponsorship item: A deluxe 4C portfolio with schedule, speaker bios and presentations, exhibitor profiles, and industry white papers.
Sponsors' logos prominently placed on cover.
Recognition of sponsorship and prominent placement of company logo on all promotional mailings and email campaigns.
Major ad placement.
2 $5,000

Ad Pages

  Prices to be determined
We are able to customize any sponsorship. For information or to reserve a sponsorship, contact
Irene Gonzales at 316-733-9122, or via email irene@broadbandproperties.com
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