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Loma Linda Workshop on FTTP Networks
April 6 - 7, 2006
Loma Linda, CA
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Loma Linda Workshop
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Loma Linda Workshop on
Fiber-To-The-Premises Networks
Living at the Speed of Light
A Towns & Technologies Event
April 6 - 7, 2006 - Loma Linda, CA
Civic Center
Loma Linda, CA
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Broadband Highlights for the City of Loma Linda :

* Wide recognition as an innovative Fiber-to-the-Premise model for municipalities.

* A citywide network that rivals those of the most advanced universities in design, security, reliability and speed.

* A community served by the fastest, most integrated communications available today.

The Loma Linda Connected Community Project links residents, businesses and government to a citywide fiber-optic network unlike any in the United States .

Both City utilities and outside service providers can utilize the network to provide amenities such as state of the art broadband data services, high-speed Internet access, VoIP, video on demand, alarm system monitoring, and safety systems.

Honors and Awards for Innovation and Creativity for the City and James Hettrick, Director of Information Systems:

Broadband Properties Magazine Cornerstone Award for the Most Creative FTTH project

CENIC Innovation in Networking Award in Gigabit Applications for its IP Triple Play network. CENIC is the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California .

FTTXcellence Award from Lightwave Magazine and Corning — to recognize individuals who make significant contributions to the development of optical access networks.

At the workshop you will learn:

How this notable project was envisioned and completed.

The majority of the infrastructure was deployed in less than one year.

How the city ensures continuity of the network over time.

Loma Linda amended its city building codes to include a set of wiring and fiber-optic standards for all new construction — both residential and business.

The plans in place for power outages.

Battery and subsidiary power infrastructure is installed at multiple critical points throughout the network.

And much more.


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